I am a computer enthusiast that really enjoys working on Unix based systems.

I am an avid tinkerer that likes knowing how things work.

I grew up with Commodore systems from the PET to the C64 followed by the C128 and finally the Amiga until Commodore went out of business.

In 2022 I have re-sparked my interested in the Commodore Amiga. I have since acquired a couple machines and have been working to refurbish them.

I am interested in learning about vintage machines and the community around it.

Tabletop Gaming

Boardgames are a large part of my life and I focus on general co-ops, worker placement and RPGs.

I do enjoy Magic The Gathering which I started playing since 1994 and have judged from 2002 until I retired as a L3-E in 2019/2020.


Lego have been a great part of my life and I firmly believe they have been part of what makes me interested in building stuff. They also are a great to blend with boardgames which really resonates with me.

Amateur Radio

I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator (HAM Radio).

I have been licensed since I was 15 as I was very interested in packet radio. Packet radio is a system where a TNC (Terminal Node Controller) was connected to a computer for 1200 baud data communications.

I still have some of these TNCs with interested to connect a few to build a small network.

While I am currently not overly active I still enjoy the concepts partially digital communication modes.


I have several recipes here that I have enjoyed over the year.